Geothermal Picking Up Steam


Chris Ciarlo
Channel 2 News

Hundreds of renewable energy leaders met in the Biggest Little City Wednesday for the National Geothermal Summit.

They discussed the industry's future and how it could bring more jobs to Nevada.

"We have one new power plant under construction right now about 100 miles north of Reno, near Gerlach," said the Director of USGO, Doug Glaspey.

Officials say that's just one of 80 potential geothermal plants working their way through the planning phase here in Nevada. Reno Mayor Bob Cashell said business leaders have their eyes set on Nevada because it's a tax friendly state.

"We don't have personal income tax, inheritance tax or corporate tax."

However, there are a few things that could stunt geothermal growth.

"We'd like to see more abatements on sales tax or property tax long-term to get these projects off the ground," said Glaspey.

Another issue at hand involves Nevada's land. Most of the land is federally owned, so you need a permit to build and that's not always easy.

"We need to be able to get on those lands, drill the wells to look for geothermal resources in a timely manner."